1. Animal Control

    Find information such as adoption information, pet licensing, and reporting stray or wild animals.

  2. Cemetery

    View policies, procedures, and locations of local cemeteries.

  3. Claremore Electric

  4. City Manager's Office

  5. Code Enforcement

    View information on the enforcement process and code violations.

  6. Development Services

    Find information on the Building Inspections, Engineering, and Planning and Zoning Divisions.

  7. Expo Center & Tourism Development

    Learn about the Expo Center and RV park.

  8. Finance & Purchasing

    View financial reports, bid opportunities, and information on how to become a vendor.

  9. Fire Department

    View information on fire hydrants, child seats, inspections, home safety, and more.

  10. Human Resources

    View employee benefits information and job opportunities.

  11. Library

    Find information on library services, policies, and volunteer opportunities.

  12. Planning & Zoning

    Learn about the Planning and Zoning Division responsibilities within the City's corporate limits.

  13. Parks & Recreation

    View our activities, park locations, and other recreational facilities.

  14. Police Department

    Learn about the Claremore Police Department.

  15. Public Infrastructure

    Find information on public streets, storm water, engineering, and water and sewer.

  16. Recreation Center

  17. Senior Citizens Center

    View information on volunteering, public transportation, and local assistance programs.

  18. Utilities

    Find trash, water, sewer, and electricity information.