Weed Abatement

Violation of City Ordinance
Tall weeds or grass inside the corporate limits of the City of Claremore is in violation of City Ordinance. If the state of your property is found to be in violation, the property owner may be fined or have their property abated.

Violation Criteria
Tall grass or weeds must meet the following criteria to be considered a violation:
  • Must be at least 12 inches in height
  • Must be at least 20% of front, side, or rear yards, or any combination thereof
  • Must not be cultivated flowers or gardens
    If Your Property is in Violation
    • 5 day notice will be sent to owner and occupant if different
    • 5 day FTC notice will be sent before any citations or abatement procedures
    • Abatement will be ordered if property is vacant
    • Citations will be issued to the property owner if property is occupied
    • Photos will be taken before and after the abatement
      • Citations may be issued to occupant instead of owner if a special situation exists at the property
      • Weeds and grass may be summarily abated for 6 months after initial abatement procedures without further notice to the property owners