Amenities & Fees

Facility Rentals
For details on renting a room of the Community Center, call 918-341-7289 or 918-342-2522.
Room Multipurpose Room (Gym) Conference Room Room #3 Concession /
Sole Usage of
the Facility
Size 8800 square feet (80 feet by 110 feet) 1775 square feet (39 feet by 45 feet) 675 square feet (27 feet by 25 feet)

Capacity About 250 people About 110 people About 25 people

Rates - $45 per hour (3-hour minimum)
- $40 per hour additional hours
- $320 for 8 hours

Practices 1/2 court
Team Practice
$10 per hour (1 hour only)
Full court
$20 per hour (1 hour only)
- $25 per hour (3 hour minimum)
- $20 per hour additional hours
$10 per hour (no minimum) $10 per hour $500 for 8 hours
$60 per hour additional hours

(Excludes the craft and teen rooms)

The above rates were derived with help from the Claremore Chamber of Commerce.

The above rates are for all groups, businesses, and individuals. Nonprofit organizations will be charged 1-half of the normal rate for the facility. Organizations that administer programs at City facilities, that are approved and supported by the City of Claremore, will not be charged to use the Multipurpose Room, unless the organization is charging a fee for that particular event or activity, then they will be charged the nonprofit rate.

Alcohol will not be permitted on the premises at any time; any violation will be reported to the authorities.