Usage Guidelines

Property Liability

The City of Claremore reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions held at the Community Center. Liability for damage to the premises will be charged to the representative making arrangements, at actual repair or replacement costs.


All trash must be placed in the provided containers. Additional labor charges of $25 per hour will apply to the function if (at the staff’s discretion) more than standard clean up is required at the close of the event. This includes excess trash, decorations, etc.


  • Décor / signage may be attached to the walls with blue painters tape only - no nails, staples, scotch tape, or masking tape.
  • Dry ice, smoke, and fog machines may not be used in any part of the facility.
  • All decorations are subject to staff approval. No confetti.
  • Do not place stickers on walls or pillars.
  • All drapes, banners, fabrics, hangings, Christmas trees, plastic, straw, hay, and other decorative materials must be flame proofed in accordance with State of Oklahoma Fire Marshal and City Fire Marshal requirements.
  • Helium tanks may be used in the building provided they are secured either to an upright or a 2-wheeled dolly as to prohibit them from overturning.


The City of Claremore will have a paid staff person at the facility at all times, when an event is scheduled. Any additional staff, chaperones, or security is the responsibility of the user.


Additional equipment may be brought in by the user at the responsibility of the users. (Tables, chairs, pipe and drapes, etc.)
8 feet tables and chairs are provide for the user.


Concession/Kitchen facilities are limited to the ice machine, and concession area. All food to be disposed of needs to be double bagged and placed in outside dumpster.


The use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in the facility. (Smoking, dipping or chewing or e-cigarettes )


The use of alcohol will not be permitted on the premises at any time. Any violation will be reported to the authorities.


Animals are not permitted inside the Claremore Community Center. Service animals to assist the physically disabled are allowed. All service animals must be leashed.

Eviction Policy

Our belief is that every guest should behave in a manner that is considerate of other people. Reasons to ask a guest to leave the premises include, but are not limited to:
  • Fighting or threatening to fight
  • Use of profane or threatening language
  • Possession of illegal or potentially harmful items (ex. knife, firearm, laser pen, pepper or tear gas)
  • Public intoxication or illegal drug use