Skate Park

The Claremore Community Skate Park is a 7,000 square foot amenity with a variety of street obstacles and ramps that appeal to skaters of all skill levels. The Skate Park was designed form start to finish with input from the local skating community.

The park features a variety of obstacles including:
  • Half pipe
  • Quarter pipes
  • Skate bench
  • Bank ramp
  • Piano bank ramp
  • Multiple grind rails
  • Jump box
  • Aero gap
  • Steps
  • Grind box
  • Launch ramp
  • Picnic tables
  • And others
The park was constructed using top-of-the-line modular skate components from American Ramp Company out of Joplin, Missouri. Representatives from ARC worked closely with the Claremore skateboarding community to design the type of park that met their needs and provided the perfect challenge and flow.