Water Filtration

Water Filtration Process
After water from Claremore Lake is pumped to the plant, the following treatment processes are utilized:

Screen Building
Water is screened to remove leaves, sticks, fish, and other large debris and is then sent through a flow splitter. The flow splitter divides the water as it enters one of 2 flocculation clarifiers.

Flocculation Clarifiers
This process gathers together the fine, light particles to form larger particles that will not readily settle or filter out of the water. Flocculation settles out the larger particles.

Mixed Media Filters

The water is sent through another flow splitter on its way to one of 5 filters. Filtration is the process of passing water through material, such as sand, coal, granulated carbon, or other substances to trap and remove particles from the water.

Clearwell Storage
After the water is filtered, it is transported to the Clearwell Storage from which it is pumped into the water towers. The water towers are refilled from the storage as needed. From the water tower, the water is transported into the City's water distribution system, which connects directly to the tap in you home or business.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has credited the chlorination of drinking water with helping to control infectious diseases and increasing life expectancy by nearly 30 years since 1900.