Special Exceptions


The Board of Adjustment, upon application and after public hearing may grant the following Special Exceptions:
  • Antennas and antenna supporting structures
  • Change of a nonconforming use
  • Modification of a screening requirement
  • Modification of front yard requirements
  • Modification of height restrictions
  • Modification of the parking and loading requirements
  • Modification of permitted yard obstructions
  • Modification of requirements
  • Permit residential accessory uses and structures on abutting residentially-zoned lots which are under common ownership
  • Reduction of the number of required off-street parking spaces on a lot or may allow the required off-street parking on a lot other than the lot which contains an adult entertainment establishment or dance hall
  • Restoration of a partially destroyed nonconforming structure
  • Restoration of a partially destroyed structure containing a nonconforming use
  • Special Exception uses as designated and regulated within the permitted principal use provisions, accessory use provisions, or Use Unit provisions of the Zoning District

Special Exception Requests

A request for a Special Exception must be made by filing an application with the Planning & Development Office. The request will then be set for public hearing.

The board shall hold the public hearing. The concurring vote of 3 members is necessary to grant a Special Exception.


A Special Exception that has not been utilized within 1 year from the date it was approved by the board will thereafter be void, unless the board has extended the time for utilization. Utilization means actual use or issuance of a Building Permit, when applicable, provided construction is diligently carried to completion.