Donations & Memorials

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Gifts and/or donations of materials in very good condition are accepted by the library with the understanding that the donation is unconditional and once donated, cannot be returned. All gifts/donations become library property and may be added to the collection, given to Friends of the Library for their book sale, donated to other libraries or discarded. The Will Rogers Library reserves the right to decline any donations if they are deemed inappropriate for use in the collection and/or of negligible re-sale value.

The library happily accepts: New and used books in good condition, CDs & DVDs in original cases, and Magazines

The library can NOT accept: 
  • Textbooks or Encyclopedias
  • VHS or Cassette tapes
  • Reader's Digest books, Harlequin or Silhouette paperbacks
  • Record Albums
  • "Moldy Oldies" - dirty, musty or damaged materials
Donations should be brought to the Library circulation desk during hours of operation. Please do not place donations in the book drop or leave donated materials outside when the library is closed. 

Authors, producers or performers who would like the library to consider adding their work to the collection may unconditionally donate a copy of their item to the library. These materials are considered donations / gifts and are subject to the all relevant guidelines within the Collection Development Policy, including the fact that they cannot be returned.

For complete guidelines please see the donation section of the Collection Development Policy. Gifts/donations are not itemized or evaluated for tax purposes, although a receipt showing a general donation may be given upon request. 

Just as all donations / gift items / memorial items are subject to the guidelines of the Collection Development Policy, they are also subject to de-selection. While every effort will be made to retain these items within the current guidelines set forth, there should be no expectation that any item is to be considered a permanent part of the collection