Legal Terms

The Judge is the central figure in the courtroom and sits at the front of room. The Judge allows both sides the opportunity to present their version of the facts. The Judge oversees the trials and decides legal questions that arise.

Deputy Court Clerk
The Deputy Court Clerk sits to the side of the Judge. The Deputy Court Clerk is an officer of the court and records a summary of what happens in a case. The clerk takes court minutes and will be able to provide you a copy of what was ordered by the court.

Prosecutor / City Attorney
The Prosecutor / City Attorney represents the city. The attorney will either conference with the ticket holder after their initial appearance or will make recommendations to the Judge.

Witnesses give testimony concerning the issue of a trial.

The Plaintiff, or petitioner, is the person who submits a complaint to the court (in this case, the Plaintiff is the City of Claremore).

The Defendant, or respondent, is the person against whom the city is bringing the complaint (ticket) or charging with the offense.

Pro se
Pro se is a term derived from the Latin in propria, meaning for one’s self. It is used to describe a person who handles his or her own case without a lawyer.