Jail / Bond Information

Helping Someone Get Released From Jail
We understand that having a friend or a family member in jail can be a frustrating experience that requires your time, money and patience. When you are trying to get someone released from jail you may post bond and obtain release forms from the Claremore Police Department located at 200 West 1st Street. They can provide you with information to help with getting a person released from jail.

Reasons for Being Held in Jail
There are 3 basic reasons for a person to be held in jail. They are:
  • Failure to pay (FTP) for a court fine after a court appearance
  • For time served when unable to pay bond or court fine after a court appearance
  • Unable to post a cash bond on a pending City of Claremore traffic offense
Release Methods
Release methods include posting the full amount of the bond in cash or obtaining a surety bond from a licensed bondsman. The booking clerk is unable to suggest an attorney or surety bondsman for you to use.

Rogers County Jail
All arrested persons will be held at the Rogers County Jail at 201 South Cherokee in Claremore. Prisoners have the right to receive visitors during normal visitation hours. For more information, call the Rogers County Jail at 918-342-9797 or visit their website.