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  1. An adult person over the age of 18 must purchase the permit.
  2. A picture of your drivers license must be uploaded for your permit to be compliant.
  3. Time Limits for Fireworks:
    July 3, 4 & 5 from 12:00 Noon to 11:00 PM
  4. Permissable Fireworks:
    Class C Fireworks Only are allowed.
  5. Rules & Regulations:
    The possession of any fireworks by any individual under the age of 18 years shall be unlawful within the city limits unless under the immediate and direct supervision of a parent, guardian or other responsible adult in possession of a current permit. -Fireworks must be discharged on a non-combustible surface of sufficient size to contain the entire ground portion of the display and not closer than 25 feet away from any permanent structure. - An adult person over the age of 18 must be the one to obtain the permit. - The adult permit holder in charge of the use of fireworks must be physically present and within 100 feet of the point of display for any household member to use the fireworks. - The permit must be on site at the location listed on the permit during the discharge of the fireworks and available for examination by any law enforcement officer. *For online permits your receipt for purchase of the permit shall act as your permit. - Private persons may not use or discharge fireworks on any public property, street, easement unless approved by the City of Claremore's Special Events Committee. - Permit holder must have extinguishment device (water or fire extinguisher) available at the site of fireworks discharge. - No more than 25 individuals are to be present during the discharge of fireworks without the approval of the City of Claremore's Special Events Committee. - Permit holder is responsible for cleaning up any debris caused by any person discharging fireworks at the location listed on the permit. - Permit holder is responsible for damage or injury to others person or property as a result of fireworks use. - In the event that the Governor determines that the City of Claremore is in fire danger due to weather conditions, Claremore's City Manager may declare use of fireworks to be illegal and all fireworks permits to be void, without refund.
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    Residential Fireworks Permit
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    Convenience Fee
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